Frequently Asked Questions

1 General / administrative

1.1 Which browsers does Gedmore support?
Gedmore supports modern versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Versions older than IE10 are not supported. It is nowadays advisable to surf the internet with up-to-date browsers, and therefore a modern browser can be expected on your system anyway. Safari support at this moment is not available, unfortunately. It is on the list for a future update.


1.2 Is the confidentiality ensured?

Gedmore’s Terms & Conditions include an one-way Non-Disclosure Agreement. Upon payment, these terms, including the NDA are legally binding and Gedmore is obliged to keep your data confidential.


1.3 How about security?
Gedmore is protected by state-of-the-art systems, and strong passwords are enforced. As an user, you can opt to increase security by requesting removal of data from Gedmore’s system right after you have completed the analysis and saved the results on your own systems. This has to be weighted against the comfort of having all results quickly available from the Gedmore webapp.


1.4 Why do I need to pay upfront?
Gedmore’s groundbreaking pricing schedule is only possible when administrative and contractual burden is kept low. The up-front payment ensures that Terms & Conditions are legally binding and decrease time spent on administration. This system also avoids a manual cycle of contract review and negotations and therefore avoids a long waiting time before the first experiment can start.
Gedmore acknowledges that in larger companies the lead time to a bank transfer can be long. A different administrative route is possible for an increased fee. Please contact for a quotation tailored to your needs.


2 System use

2.1 The system reports that my password is too weak. How can I pick a better password?
There are multiple ways to strengthen your password. You are advised to choose a method that suits you best, and to change your password regularly. With regard to password complexity, you can choose a combination of the following approaches:

  • Use upper- and lower case characters
  • Add numbers
  • Add strange characters and punctuation marks
  • Increase the length
  • Avoid commonly used passwords
  • Avoid dictionary words
  • Avoid names associated with your username or Gedmore

3 Modeling approaches

3.1 Why is only animal PK modeling supported at the moment?

Gedmore has a strict scope of models to ensure adequacy and competitive pricing. More features for Gedmore are planned.


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